Common Symptoms of Failing Components

Illumination of dash warning lights:

BATTERY: supplies power to start the engine & power the car's electronics.
A bad battery can cause:
-Headlights, dashboard lights and interior lights to go dim when starting the car
-Prevent the car from starting
-Lights to be dim when the engine is off

BATTERY CONNECTIONS: are cables & terminals that carry power to the starter & electronics.
Faulty battery connections:
-Can prevent a car from starting just like a bad battery
-Are usually the result of loose or corroded battery cables and terminals

RELAY/SOLENOID: allows power to get from the battery to the starter
A defective relay/solenoid can cause:
-Poor starter performance while lights still work fine
-Intermittent starting
-Failure to start

STARTER: provides mechanical energy to start the engine.
A malfunctioning starter can cause:
-A clicking sound when turning the key forward
-Failure to start
-Starting to be slow and labored
-Lights become dim when attempting to start vehicle

FAN BELT: drives the alternator & any other device with a connected pulley.
A cracked of frayed fan belt can:
-Cause a squealing sound
-A discharged battery
-Noisy alternator operation if too tight
-Prevent alternator from charging battery if the belt is broken

ALTERNATOR: charges the battery & powers the electronics while the engine is running.
A faulty alternator can cause:
-The battery to lose its charge
-Poor accessory & light operation
-Erratic engine operation

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